Meet Joy

Joy Sumner Photography was born through a love of travel. My husband and I live in a small, rural town in south Georgia and we enjoy seeing different parts of the country. Whether it's taking a train through the northwest, hiking the Rockies or taking a road trip up the East Coast, we love traveling! Three years ago, during a trip to Chicago, we began photographing the city and the sites. And I fell in love with photography.

When we got home I was taking pictures of everything! I began photographing my son and that grew into a photography business, thanks to really good friends who volunteered to be my first clients. I'm constantly learning new techniques and gaining new insight about my style.

I consider myself a wedding and portrait photographer combining traditional, candid and lifestyle shots in my sessions. My clients' homes and the outdoors are my studio. I tend to see the more artistic side of a shot while my husband is all about the technical side of it. (We work well together.) I love it when I find a gem that wasn't meant to happen during a session. That's when you really capture a person's true self. 

The random moments that happen during a shoot are the best. Posed shots can work well, but the real magic happens when everyone forgets I'm there and starts being themselves, not posing for a shot, or trying to keep that perfect smile on their faces.

A black and white shot of a little girl beside an old barn, a funny moment between a mother and her silly daughter, or a brother and sister lovingly driving each other nuts...these are the memories families cherish. Let me capture those moments for you.